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4450 N. Tenaya Way #100, Las Vegas, NV 89129

OPEN 6 days a week

Monday thru Saturday   10:00 am to 6:00 pm



Northwest Arms is your neighborhood gun store in Northwest Las Vegas near US95 & Craig Road behind McDonalds and CVS.  Our gun shop sells all NEW pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, Class III Silencers and SBR’s, ammunition,  AR Parts and Accessories, magazines, targets, and cleaning supplies.  

Northwest Arms is a one stop shop for all your AR needs.  Including all the parts, pins and springs individually.  Check us out for your next AR15/AR10 build.  We also are a family friendly gun store with a section for children to sit and play with toys or puzzles.




We will be closed for Thanksgiving

Sale starts Friday, November 22, 2019 at 10:00am thru Saturday, November 30, 2019 6:00pm. 

Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ Range Kit $ 339.00*

(*After $50.00 Consumer Mail in Rebate) Includes M&P Pro-Tac single nylon hangun case, M&P Super Cobra frame eye protection, M&P passive hearing protection, orange cleaning snake, Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite AND a box of Hornady Critical Defense 380 Auto 90gr FTX.  Limited quantities, while supplies last – Not valid on prior purchases.  Not valid on layaway.


Taurus TX22 4″ 16rd Pistol Range Kit $ 299.00

Includes Hoppes 22 Caliber Cleaning Kit with 3 piece aluminum rod, 1 slotted end, 1 Knob end/Jag, 1 .22 cal bore brush, 50 .22 cal square patches and 325 rounds of Federal Auto Match Target Grade Performance .22 LR.  Limited quantities, while supplies last – Not valid on prior purchases.  Not valid for layaway.


Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol Frame $150.00 

Includes either Compact or Full-Size in Black or Cobalt Grey and one Magpul 15rd Glock Magazine.  Serialized and stripped pistol frame, Enhanced GGP grip pattern, beveled magazine well, 1911 grip angle, extended beaver tail, accelerator cut, full length STANAG picatinny rail inline with bore axis, double undercut trigger guard, ready to accept GLOCK or aftermarket OEM components, compatible with GLOCK 19/17 9mm magazines, and includes stainless steel locking block rail system and rear rail module (completion Kit not included).  Limited quantities, while supplies last – Not valid on prior purchases.  Not valid for layaway.





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Holosun Dealer

37549573_1691343397580196_664896117497921536_n 46043916_1851620888219112_6595988538704003072_n

CZ Shadow II & FN SCAR 20S 308

34601711_1629322097115660_4030550202812203008_n 34849171_1630219770359226_7952311409457496064_n

Daniel Defense ISR 5.56 – Class III & LWRC C.S.A.S.S. 308

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Molot – Arsenal – PTR

35701185_1646558745391995_4374157714025086976_n 35885429_1646782565369613_4362298450327371776_n

Wilson Combat Dealer EDC9 & Glock Stocking Dealer G43

37195269_1685434384837764_752829877756887040_n 37335579_1689655284415674_4582885634187722752_n

CZ/CZ-USA Shadow II & P-01

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37791984_1695860707128465_2874111308968493056_n 37703420_1696106717103864_6925541886132224000_n

IWI Tavor X95 FDE & CMMG Banshee 5.7

35349778_1636762209704982_7041925084558131200_n 37687884_1695962787118257_8271575887850242048_n

Beretta M9A3 Blk & FN 509 Tactical

34635579_1631234923591044_8267490553612992512_n 37262614_1686740484707154_4198779476181516288_n

Barrett 308 & Aero Precision M4E1 1776 Builders Kit

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36314154_1658496294198240_1622006365113286656_n 41566188_1772656772782191_4882895705473024000_n

Eotech Vudu & Canik Century Arms TP9

37017694_1679616405419562_7796270222482079744_n 37027093_1679682462079623_143016269153566720_n

Springfield Armory Saint & Sig Sauer MPX

37867879_1699087240139145_2484350568819064832_n 37877134_1699087320139137_2256087651335536640_n

KCI USA Dealer

37774468_1699087153472487_423235071009357824_n 37832952_1699087220139147_9070090950482591744_n

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Vortex Dealer

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37966929_1709977775716758_7143166143853756416_n 39127313_1730289147018954_5571553222729924608_n

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Geissele & Knights Armament products

39391972_1738141269567075_5412888880183508992_n 40062165_1750668521647683_6977378336053919744_n

Steyr AUG & Fightlite SCR 300blkout

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RailScales Dealer

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39814874_1744935758887626_6020946207940018176_n 39939043_1746722138708988_8934339957812625408_n

Colt Dealer M16A1 Vietnam War Collection & Ruger Precision 308

38421319_1711676465546889_2654527931979661312_n 39144088_1732617390119463_5028339245329154048_n

CZ Tactical Sport & Aero Precision Builders Kit

38792721_1721287417919127_3851254078621351936_n 39916214_1746767822037753_7358089434081787904_n

Kel-Tec RDB & Spikes Tactical

39715624_1743324622382073_1239651965353328640_n 40337703_1755652451149290_3990543304004468736_n

Glock Stocking Dealer – Glock Elite Cerakote by MK3 Firearms – CZ P-10c